Monday, June 24, 2013

Always Carry Change.

For those of you who know me, I mean really know me, you know that I don't carry any cash on me. In fact, 95% of the time I don't have a wallet on me.  Recently I've had to carry my wallet since I don't have a car to keep it in, but I still don't carry cash.  My advise to people traveling to Europe is to always carry some type of cash or change with you at all times?  I suggest this because when nature calls, you might not be able to find a free bathroom to use.  Access to public restrooms (or Water Closets (WC) as they call them here) are very few and far between.  You just can't walk into a McDonald's and go to the restroom.  Most of them  required an access codes so you have to make a purchase.  Some places charge you use the restroom.  You better have correct change or they will not let you in.  Last week we were in a train station when I had to find a restroom fast.  We found a restroom, but it cost € 0,50 to use them and if you don't have enough money they won't let you in.  My wife was short € 0,02 and they would not let her in.  She had to have them make change for a € 5,00 just to use the restroom.

Today I was running some errands and came across what appears to be a boutique restroom place.
My kind of store.
This place charges you € 1,00 to use the restroom, but it is really clean in there.  And if that isn't enough, it even has a gift shop in it for all your restroom needs.  They sell toilet brushes, toilet paper and books to read while you sit and think about things.  Maybe I should open up a place called "The Porcelain Palace".  It would have high end toilets in it, "spa" type music playing in each stall and urinals with flat screen TVs above them showing the news or ESPN.  We would also have someone in there dressed up like a butler to offer you with a variety of soaps, lotions and hand sanitizing gels.  We would even sell T-shirts in our gift shop.  "At the Porcelain Palace, we never treat you like #2".

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