Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Scammed in Barcelona.

If you knew there was a chance of getting scammed, how much money would you be willing to lose to give it a try and not be upset?  This was the topic of a discussion we had while traveling with another couple in Barcelona.  Well, I guess it depends on what it is, right?  Here is a video of what we saw and thought "How much would you pay for this and if it didn't work, you wouldn't be upset?"

So we watched these things in real life and couldn't figure out how they worked.  After watching them for a few minutes, we wanted to buy one just to see if we could figure out how it works.  So that is where the "How much...." question came into play.  After seeing this, how much would you pay for one of these knowing that it might not work?  For us, it was five euros.We decided that since there was a good chance these things wouldn't work, we could pay with five euros and not be upset.  However, we really didn't want to spend five euros.

If you know my wife, you know that she loves to "get a deal".  She will haggle with anyone if she can.  This gadget was five euros for (2) of them.  To me, that was a deal, as I was willing to pay five euros for one.  My wife didn't want to pay that.  She haggled with the guy and ended up getting (2) for €3,50.  We then asked the guy how it worked.  The guy said, "There is a tab on the back, pull it up, place it near the wall and the sound waves will make it dance." This really didn't sound right to us, but he picked it up and showed us and then put it back down and it started to dance again.  Then he stopped the music and it just stood there.

Not fully understanding how it worked and not really believing him, we took these paper dolls back to the hotel to try to figure out how they actually worked. I Googled "dancing Bart Simpson paper doll" to see if anything came up.  That is when I found the above video, but they all said it was a scam.  Then I Googled "dancing paper doll scam" and I found this video:

After watching this, I felt bummed because I got scammed.  However, I had to remember that I'm not allowed to be upset because my price was €5,00.  So this is what €5,00 will get you. Absolutely nothing.

Do you like the way they dance?