Sunday, August 25, 2013

Because Six is Too Many

The other day I was in the store and saw something that I thought was odd.  I saw packages of beer and soda that had been opened.  I thought "What the hell?  Who is going around here stealing beer and soda?"  Only a few day later, I discovered that you can buy drinks in singles if you want.  I have never been in a store and thought, "I'm in the mood for one beer.  They don't have singles, well I guess I will bust up this six pack and buy one."
Four, yes.  But six, I'm not an alcoholic.
Then I wondered, what if this applied to other things like socks, underwear or other food items like eggs.  Can you imagine only buying two eggs?  What if you didn't want an entire two liter bottle of soda, so you opened it up and poured some into a container to buy.  I just found it odd that you could just open up packing of drinks and take what you want.  I guess this person was short €1,80.

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